Innovation in Elevation



Technical Specifications

Material: ANSI 6061 extruded aluminum
Load Rating: 4,000lbs / 100lbs/psf
Min Horizontal Run: 96”
Max Horizontal Run: 176”
Min Height: 78 ¾"
Max Height: 144”
Width: 36 ¼” OD
Weight: 750lbs.

The TeleFlight Stair System Model 712 includes

2 Telescoping Stringers
2 Telescoping Handrails
18 Interchangeable Tread Assemblies
Safety T-Bar
36 Balusters
Top Mounting Plate
Bottom Mounting Plate
Safety T-Bar
Top Mount Barricade
Hardware, Manual, and Parts Bag


Proudly Made in the USA
Manufactured by IS0 9001:2008 Certified Fabrication Professionals
The only UL Classified standardized fabricated stairway #2752
The only telescoping stair system to meet or exceed OSHA requirements
Provides dual fall protection barricades for assembly and disassembly
User-friendly manual in print and pdf
Rugged slip-resistant tread surfaces
Interchangeable components
Installation setting chart eliminates calculation for rise and run
Unique tread leveling fixtures on each tread