Innovation in Elevation





TeleFlight Stair System (TFSS-712)

TeleFlight is a new, innovative and code compliant temporary
stair system. It was developed to improve safety conditions, limit
liabilities and increase productivity of job sites and in any venue.

The telescoping TeleFlight Stair System provides a
safe option wherever a temporary stair is required.
This green product is made from lightweight aluminum
alloys, is reusable, economical, easy to install and
use and a versatile addition to your site safety kit.
TeleFlight is the only UL Classified standardize
fabricated stairway and is UL listed (#2752).
The System meets or exceeds OSHA, RIC and
ASCE requirements or standards and comes
with a 90-day limited warranty.

The lightweight, heavy-duty components
are interchangeable and the installation
setting chart
eliminates calculation for
rise and run and speeds installation.
Each tread comes with unique tread
leveling fixtures. The handrails and
stringers telescope to fit the completed
stair. Each of these features was designed
with speed and efficiency of assembly
in mind.

The Teleflight Stair System is shipped
Factory Direct from the central USA;
shipping rates vary. Between uses,
the TeleFlight Stair System can be
stored in a compact Inventory
(sold separately as an accessory),
indoors or outdoors. It is weatherproof,
rustproof and durable.